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微软宣布推出Windows Embedded Compact 2013正式版

Microsoft announces general availability of Windows Embedded Compact 2013

微软宣布推出Windows Embedded Compact 2013正式版目前印尼至中国南方港口运费2.5⑶.5美元/吨(7⑻万吨);3⑷美元/吨(5⑹万吨)

June 13, 2013 Microsoft today announced the general availability of Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Optimized for building small-footprint industry devices, Windows Embedded Compact 2013 includes powerful new tools and capabilities including new support for Visual Studio 2012 that extend the experience of Windows and help businesses capitalize on the Internet of Things.

6月13日消息 微软今天宣布推出Windows Embedded Compact 2013正式版。专为构建小型行业设备而优化的Windows Embedded Compact 2013支持Visual Studio 2012等强大的新工具和特性,它将扩展Windows的用户体验,并帮助企业更好地利用物联。

The release is the latest generation of one of the smallest and most flexible products in the Windows Embedded portfolio, designed to power devices that need real-time performance and silicon flexibility, with support for x86 and ARM architectures.

该版本是最新一代Windows Embedded产品线中最小、最灵活的产品之一,该操作系统支持x86和ARM架构,为那些对实时性和芯片灵活性有特殊需求的设备而设计。

Powering industry


Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is ideal for powering some of the smallest industry devices, such as programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface panels used to monitor processes in manufacturing, RFID scanners in retail environments, and portable ultrasound machines and diagnostic lab equipment in healthcare settings. When these devices are connected via the cloud to backend systems, the resulting intelligent system generates data that can be harnessed and analyzed to provide actionable insight for the enterprise. That data is considered the new currency of business.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013是应用于一些小型行业设备的理想选择,例如可编程逻辑控制器(PLC)和人机界面(HMI)面板等,它们往往用于制造业的流程监控、零售业的RFID扫描仪,以及医疗行业的便携式超声仪和实验室诊断设备当中。当这些设备通过云端连接到后台时,形成一个智能系统,该智能系统将分析、利用自己生成的数据,为企业带来切实可行的见解。这些数据被认为是商业新财富。

It s now essential for businesses to tap into the vast potential of data if they want to compete, says Kevin Dallas, general manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft. With Windows Embedded powering industry devices, that data is made readily available to drive real, actionable operational intelligence for industries. Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is a really powerful, flexible platform fo由于质量再好的装备也不能保证永久不会出现故障r extending that capability to some of the smallest industry devices.

微软Windows 嵌入式事业部总经理Kevin Dallas表示: 当今的企业如果想在竞争中取胜就必须挖掘数据的巨大潜力。采用Windows Embedded驱动的行业设备,可以随时获得这些数据,为这些行业提供真实的、可操作的运营情报。Windows Embedded Compact 2013是将这种能力延伸到一些最小型行业设备的真正强大、灵活的平台。

Optimized performance


Users will see some major improvements to device functionality with Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Performance was a particular focus in this release, says Steven Bridgeland, senior product manager, Windows Embedded at Microsoft. We have spent countless hours optimizing our code to greatly improve system and network performance, making applications feel snappier.

采用Windows Embedded Compact 2013,用户将体会到设备功能的一些重大改进。微软Windows 嵌入式事业部高级产品经理Steven Bridgeland表示: 性能是该版本特别关注的一个方面。我们花费了大量的时间来优化代码,从而大大提高了系统和络性能,使应用程序运行得更加顺畅。

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 features include the following:

Windows Embedded Compact 2013具备以下特性:

Improvements to the core operating system, including memory management and networking capabilities

Improved file-system performance, enabling devices to always be available

Optimized startup, with snapshot boot, which allows devices to boot within seconds to a known state, such as a specific UI with device drivers loaded

Built-in support for Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth technologies, and a seamless connection to Windows Azure, for a robust, connected intelligent system

Support from thousands of developers and partners, who have built add-on solutions, including HTML5 browsers




内置支持Wi-引导和支持电商企业、快递企业使用绿色包装产品或通过快递包装产品绿色认证的包装产品Fi、蜂窝络和蓝牙技术,以及无缝连接到Windows Azure,实现强大的互联智能系统;


Development platform


The new release also offers improvements for developers who build devices on Windows Embedded Compact 2013. With this release, we focused on making developers lives easier, Bridgeland says. Support for Visual Studio 2012 offers significant improvements for developers, including a simplified UI and sharper syntax colorization, and tools such as improved compilers, auto-generation of code snippets and XAML tools.

新版本还为方便开发人员在Windows Embedded Compact 2013之上构建设备进行了改进。Bridgeland表示: 该版本专注于让开发人员的工作变得更轻松。对Visual Studio 2012的支持,给开发人员的工作带来了显而易见的好处,包括简化的用户界面和清晰的语法着色,包括改进的编译器、自动生成的代码片段和XAML工具等。

Today s announcement is a key component of Microsoft s road map for intelligent systems, a vision first announced in fall 2011. Microsoft entered the embedded marketplace more than 15 years ago, and it continues to lead the evolution of intelligent systems with an extensive suite of technologies.

今天发布的产品是微软2011年秋天首次公布开发了 ldquo;贡嘎雪牌 rdquo;KKS、KKSH、SCC、DSCC、DSCCM等系列重质碳酸钙产品的愿景 智能系统路线图的一个重要组成部分。微软进入嵌入式市场已经超过15年,未来将凭借其广泛的技术组合,继续引领智能系统的演进。